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Hamburg is always worth a visit

The Port of Hamburg is not only the economic heart of the city but is also a big draw for tourists and locals. Nowhere else are work and play, the big wide world and Hanseatic traditions, the modern and the historical, so close together. Nowhere else are the largest containerships, the most elegant luxury liners and the most beautiful traditional ships so close.

The classic port round trip

is a must for visitors to Hamburg. Most of them begin at the Landungsbrücken, the landing stages, and all have different routes including the Speicherstadt, warehouse city, the suburbs on the Elbe and of course, the large container terminals. A very difficult choice, here is a short overview of the various tours and operators.

Port round trip

Harbour tour, Photo: HHM / Dietmar Hasenpusch

A bust trip with a difference

If you would like to experience a really new perspective then the best thing to do is to take the bus. It is an absolute highlight to ride directly into the giant container terminals, where the order of the day is ‘access strictly prohibited’. Or how about a ride on the amphibious bus which combines the abilities of a passenger ship and a bus.

Terminal bus tour

Amphibian bus

Maritime Tours

Terminal visit by bus, Photo: HHM / Dietmar  Hasenpusch

By bicycle through the Port

The Port of Hamburg is enormous, it stretches of 7,100 hectares ideal to explore by bike. Many tours follow well-developed cycle paths through the port. The Hamburg Port Authority has a brochure showing the cycle paths and gives various tips for routes.

Harbour adventure tour

View points

On the road to the terminals, Photo: HHM / Heike Wegner

Maritime Museums suits every taste

Museum? The idea can make some pull an unhappy face, but they don’t know the maritime museums in Hamburg. Hands on for seafaring, ports and many maritime aspects, interactive exhibits and amazing stuff, something for everyone, young and old. There are special exhibits and guided tours to mark the 50 anniversary of the container in Hamburg.

International Maritime Museum Hamburg, Photo: HHM

Willkomm Höft – only in Hamburg

“Welcome to Hamburg, we are pleased to greet you in the Port of Hamburg”. Since 1952 ships have been welcomed by loudspeakers with these words as they enter the Port of Hamburg, at the world’s only ships greeting point Willkomm Höft in Wedel. Then the national anthem of the ship’s registered country is played. Over 150 national anthems and greetings in the national languages can be played by the welcoming captains at the Willkomm Höft. The seafarers on board are not the only ones to enjoy this, tourists and Hamburg locals enjoy coming to watch the greetings at the Schulauer Fährhaus.

Willkomm Höft

View from Willkomm Höft Photo: HHM / Dietmar Hasenpusch

Harbour Birthday Hamburg 2018

The largest port celebration in the world draws over a million visitors to the River Elbe every year. 2018 saw the 829th Port of Hamburg Birthday. On land, on the water and in the air, many attractions, ships and a very comprehensive program offers everything a maritime heart could desire. One of the highlights are our popular tours making possible an exclusive insight behind the scenes of the Port of Hamburg. Simply visit us during the Port Birthday in the Port of Hamburg container at Sandtorkai, very near to the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, where you can learn everything about working in the port and 50 years of container handling.

Harbour Birthday Hamburg

Harbour Birthday Hamburg  Photo: HHM / Dietmar Hasenpusch

Port of Hamburg Information Container


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